ZipRecruiter’s New ‘Act Fast!’ Alert Helps Businesses Secure Top Candidates

ZipRecruiter now lets employers know when candidates are in high demand and encourages them to act fast, before it is too late

Many employers lose top candidates to more agile competitors by taking too long to contact them. Now, ZipRecruiter helps employers avoid this costly mistake by giving them valuable information about the status and availability of applicants they are considering.

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When employers browse through applicants, an “Act Fast!” label notifies them if candidates are being actively recruited by other employers and encourages them to reach out quickly. The label indicates that the candidate has received a signal of intent from multiple other employers in recent days.   

As hiring surges and the job market becomes more competitive for employers, such information is becoming ever more sought after. The U.S. economy added 233,000 jobs in January, 468,000 in February, and 916,000 in March, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Over the summer, the pace of hiring could accelerate even further if access to vaccines continues to expand and the economy reopens more fully.

“Our ‘Act Fast!’ label benefits employers by letting them know if they are at risk of losing a candidate they like. It also benefits job seekers by driving employers to engage more quickly,” says ZipRecruiter co-founder and CEO Ian Siegel. “Our goal is to make the hiring process as efficient as possible for both sides of the labor market.”  

The new addition is just one of a host of features that ZipRecruiter has developed to make the hiring process faster and more transparent. For example, ZipRecruiter now gives job seekers an automatic match score for every job and provides a suite of tools to help businesses find and target the right candidates and proactively recruit even passive talent. 

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