Meme Monday: Schrute Teaches Us About Being a Team Player

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The meme: Schrute

The scenario: You’re inflexible. If it’s not in the job description, you won’t do it. This might mean refusing to work long or irregular hours when asked, or it might mean refusing to complete a task that you feel should be done by someone else.

What you can learn from Schrute:If you’re looking for a new job or want to get ahead in your current one, then you need to realize how important it is to be flexible. Hiring managers want employees who are team players and who will do whatever it takes to produce results. They want someone who is willing to put in extra time to meet an important deadline, and someone who is willing to learn a new skill or take on extra responsibilities because there is a void in the organization.

To find out whether you fit the mold, employers might ask you a behavioral interview question, such as, “Tell me about a time when you had to go above and beyond to reach a goal.” If you’re unable to answer this question, then you might be like Dwight. While he’s fun to watch on The Office, I doubt that I’d enjoy working with him in real life.

Have you ever worked with someone like Schrute?

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