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What Is a Telemetry Nurse and How to Become One

What Is a Telemetry Nurse?

A telemetry nurse is an RN who monitors patient vital signs using electronic monitoring equipment, such as an electrocardiogram or EEG. Job duties include connecting the patient to a machine, recording all readouts, and discussing results with other health care professionals. A telemetry nurse usually works with patients that have gastrointestinal issues, heart disease, diabetes, or other acute illnesses. Additional duties may include consulting with the patient’s physician about treatment and medication, and administering medications while the patient is in the hospital.

How to Become a Telemetry Nurse

Qualifications for a career as a telemetry nurse include a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). You should focus on gaining experience with the various medical technologies that a telemetry nurse uses as well as taking courses on the specific diseases they most commonly treat. After your BSN, you need to become a registered nurse (RN) before finding a job at a hospital or other health care facility. Communication skills and the ability to put a patient at ease are important for this career.